(Illustration + Design)


Bark + Co.

Best Dog Stuff

Bark & Co. is a NY-based provider of pet-themed products and technology known for its monthly subscription service BarkBox, which has approximately 200,000 monthly subscribers. I was brought on to design a website for them that was a compilation of the best dog products and advice from their brand as well as other dog product brands. You can visit the website here. 

  • ui + visual design

  • art direction


Logo Design

My favorite thing about working with Bark is that they have such a fun and unique brand that doesn't take itself too seriously, and it opens the door to creating really special yet humorous designs. I decided on this direction for the logo because it's easy to read at various screen sizes, fits in with their brand, and has an expressive quality to it. 

Artboard 3.jpg

Artboard 1.jpg

Color Palette

Bark is a colorful brand and so it felt natural to let colors guide how to differentiate the categories. All the articles on the site fall into one of these categories and these colors really helped add play and life to the site. 


Hand-drawn doodles overlaid on top of studio photography helped achieve a clean yet quirky feel. 

final Designs

The execution of this site was really influenced by the fact that it needed to be simple for the authors at Bark to quickly switch out and upload content. The other influencing factor was that the timeline for this project was only a week from design to build. The select handmade touches and doodles I think really make it a more personal and delightful experience and are in keeping with the playful nature of Bark products. 

FullSizeRender 3.jpg
Artboard 1@2x.png

Destroyers Club Game

This was a game design project I worked on for the Bark Destroyers Club. The Destroyers Club is a line of Bark products that are specifically made to be destroyed by dogs. The game was a Flappy Birds style game where the dog superhero destroys these toys coming towards him. You can play the game here. 


Video of gameplay