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Beespace is a start-up incubator for non-profits based in New York. They recently made changes to their incubee selection process and wanted to update their website to reflect that. In addition, Beespace also wanted a bit of a visual refresh that really made their mission and offerings very clear. The team for this project consisted of Isaiah King (Creative Director), Danielle Rivers (Developer), and myself as designer. 

  • ux design 

  • visual design

  • illustration

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The process

The process of this project was a bit different than others I’ve worked on. Instead of it being a one way with content, it was a more cyclical process. Our team suggested what content Beespsace might want to have on their site and had conversations with them about if that conveys what they’re trying to convey. When it was on the right path, they delivered copy. This way of working was interesting because it involved us in the content creation process which was challenging but fun. 


Beespace already had a styleguide in place but wanted us to build on it further. I created icons for their digital space which were influenced by the iconography that was already established in their physical space. These icons, especially the open ends on them, were a nod to the airy and minimal aesthetic of Beespace's physical space.  

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Final DesignS

This design is a pretty bare bones execution since Beespace did not have a lot of content that they were ready to share yet. The focus of this project was defining a style and setting up modules that could easily be updated and moved around as they begin to flesh out their program more.

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