(Illustration + Design)

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MakerBot is a desktop 3D printer manufacturing company headquartered in Brooklyn. This was a campaign I worked on with the team at MakerBot to create key art and other promotional material around a new product launch. The campaign focused on engaging Makerbot’s educational and professional audiences with an emphasis on the making and prototyping process and it's uses and benefits to these two verticals. 

  • Ideation

  • Visual Design

  • Set Design

Product Launch Promotional Videos

The goal of these videos was to feature the release of the new Replicator+ and Replicator Mini+ and show their offerings within an education and professional setting. I worked with the team to help create the look and feel of the videos and, more specifically, design the sets. 

Makerbot For Professionals


MakerBot for Educators

Key Art

The concept behind this redesign was to explain who could really benefit from 3D printing. We wanted to focus on the professional and education verticals because they are two groups that can use 3D printing to iterate early ideas for a variety of concepts and really learn through this very hands on way of creating. This visual of juxtaposing a prototype of an object with the finished object helped tell that story, but we also hoped it inspired people to think of what they would like to create with 3D printing as a tool. 


Process and some other concepts that we explored.